Anja Ellis

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The Agaplesion Markus Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, is your capable partner across all healthcare issues. As a hospital focusing on specialized care we provide a broad range of treatment with medical and nursing care at the highest level. The Agaplesion Markus Hospital provides a medical laboratory which not only serves hospitals in the Agaplesion Healthcare chain, but also external hospitals and surgeries. Every year the number of ambulance call-outs is increasing in Germany, as well as the number of accidents which occur trying to reach injured people. When every second counts while driving to an emergency, ambulances need to navigate through rush hour traffic as well as windy country lanes, often resulting in slow responses. The number of deaths resulting from delayed ambulance arrivals in the last couple of years in Germany has been increasing, however no official statistics currently exist. Every minute counts when someone is desperately waiting for blood The common way to deliver blood is still via car in an Ambulance transporter. Even if the distance between Hospitals is just 3.6 miles – the Ambulance Service is often held up or slowed down with the blood delivery due to heavy traffic. When a patient is urgently waiting for a blood transfusion, these minutes can be vital. The “Blood-Drone” could save lives. For these reasons the Agaplesion Frankfurter Diakonie Kliniken gGmbH created the so called “Blood drone”. It takes the drone less than 5 minutes to fly from one hospital to another, located 3.6 miles away. Wherever blood is needed the drone would be able to fly from one hospital to another. The whole Healthcare Industry could benefit from the Drone-Transport when it comes to emergencies. Even if we would just think about the big disasters like Airplane-crashes, Railway-accidents or big car accidents with hundreds of injured people. Just the transport of all these patients would cost a lot of time, time which is often essential. The drone is there to deliver that blood within minutes directly to the accident scene.