Anna Donovan

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Anna Donovan is a Senior Research Analyst with Trilateral Research, London. She is a member of the Data Science team and specialises in social and legal impacts of current and emerging technologies, specifically RPAS for civil application, as well as big data utilisation in Europe.  She currently leads the contribution on data protection and privacy impacts of civil drone use to the DroneRules.eu project. She provides regulatory and policy advice for European, national and instituional policy-makers on the respoonsible implementation of new technology systems. Anna previously practised as a lawyer in Sydney, Australia, and holds an international Master of ICT law from the University of Oslo, Norway.


The presentation will provide an update on general privacy and data protection implications of civil RPAS use and will draw on the privacy and data protection content that has recently been published via the DroneRules.eu website. The importance of awareness creation around the privacy and data protection implications of civil drone use in Europe is increasing in line with the growing uptake of drones and the recent regulatory debate around impacts for pirvacy and data protection. There is a lack of awareness amongst industry as to what are problematic practices and what are privacy friendly practices of civil RPAS use. The presentation will provide practical recommendations for minimising risk to privacy and data protection, as well as illustrate when these risks may arise in certain scenarios. The information is designed to be useful in a practical context to promote responsible RPAS use.