Carine Donzel-Figier

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Bio Data

After a degree in engineering, Carine joined the French Civil aviation authority (DGAC, direction générale de l’aviation civile) as deputy head of the french air carriers and public intervention office, tasked with economic regulation and oversight of French aircarriers and the implementing of the French public service obligation (PSO) programme. She then joined the Airworthiness and Operations department where she headed the international activities monitoring and operational quality office for four years. This office participates in elaborating and implementing the safety oversight policy of French aircarriers and is responsible for elaborating and implementing the ramp inspection programme in France, both on French and foreign aircarriers (technical inspection of aircraft during turn-around). As of September 2016, she joined the aeronautic department as deputy head. This department is in charge of defining and putting into effect the aeronautical research & development support policy, and of the general secretariat of the Civili Drone Council.


A dynamic drone market emerged rather quickly in France, thanks to a drone regulation dating back to april 2012 (and modified in december 2015), allowing professional use of drones under some restrictions. Now, more than 2600 drone operators exist in our country. The Civilian Drones Council was created in early 2015 in order to structure the drone industry in France, maintain links between its various actors and help to develop the drone market. The Council, which first plenary was held one year ago, and whose fourth is planified for the 20th of January, 2017, gathers drone manufacturers, drone operators, state representatives, clusters, equipment manufacturers, insurance firms and big drone clients. It consists of an executive committee, and three technical committees : «Operations, uses and regulation», «technologies and safety» and «drone industry support and promotion». The latter deals with export matters, privacy rights, financing, insurance, societal acceptance of drones. The «technologies and safety» committee elaborates the technological roadmap of the Council and proposes reasearch projects in accordance to the roadmap. The «operations, uses and regulations» committee has to identify the various operational and regulatory barriers  to the full use or operation of drones and propose adequate actions to remove these barriers. At the January 2016 RPAS CivOps, we introduced the Council to the european RPAS community, now we intend to update the community on the Council’s on-going work and achievements, including on new topics : drone identification and performance restrictions.