Christian Struwe

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Bio Data

Christian Struwe is Vice President of the Global UTM Association and Policy Lead for Europe at DJI. Christian is a political scientist with a strong business understanding. He focuses on EU-regulation and policy, innovation and research, transport and energy as well as  business development.


The Global UTM Association is an industry-led consortium aiming at accelerating the global adoption of interoperable protocols for UTM systems. The association collaborates with regulators and other stakeholders worldwide to identify standards, as well as scalable and compliant technical solutions, to their development. The talk will address the need for an industry-led consortium dedicated to the question of Unmanned Traffic Management systems. It  will briefly present the members’ fields of activities and geographical distribution. It will then focus on the work of the first working groups (Overall UTM Architecture and Data Exchange Protocols) and will discuss the relation of the association with other RPAS and standard organizations.