Dan Richard Isdahl-Engh

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Bio Data

Dan Richard Isdahl-Engh is the president of UAS Norway and performs as a test pilot for several RPAS Systems in Europe. Totaling over 6000 h of flight as pilot in command on different manned- and unmanned aerial platforms and is the operations and support manager of AnsuR Birdeye. Dan Richard is a former Entrepreneur in the social media and marketing industry specializing in customer relations and communication. Dan Richard has also founded multiple insurance special risks underwriting agencies. Dan Richard has also served as a submariner in the Royal Norwegian Navy.


The Norwegian UAS industry has the last decade enjoyed a very proportional legislation, and extensive governmental facilitation trough advice and co-operation with the CAA in Norway. Whilst many nations has chosen a fairly restrictive approach and hence limited the access to commercial utilization of unmanned systems. UAS Norway consists now of nearly 1000 operators. The growth has been fenomenal, resulting in the restructurement of UAS Norway. The Norwegian RPAS industry has several manufacturers of unmanned systems, in addition to over 100 technology providers that assist to ensure safe integration of unmanned systems with existing airspace users. The key to success comes from an extensive effort in communicating knowledge and ensuring public acceptance.