Erwin George

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Bio Data

Erwin George has an engineering diploma in the field of Industrial Energetics, a PhD in Energetics (missile propulsion) from ONERA. He has been a research Engineer at Engie since 2006 and is in charge of the Fluid Dynamics modelling Team. He co-founded the Engie Drones Lab in early 2014 and is a drone instructor and the drone R&D contact for Engie Drone Lab (internal and external developments). He is co-leader of the Working Group Test Ranges for the CDC (CT2) and in the near future also on CT4 (Training) and its GT1 (International Issues). Erwin George is a member of FPDC and Training delegate for FPDC. His aeronautical background since 1995 : PPL(A)/SEP 200 hours. PPL(S) – Sailplane Flight Examinator (2000 hours) and pilot of French Glider Aerobatic Team. Competitor in aerobatics (French & World Championship). RC pilot (airplane (aerobatics), glider (slope flights) and muti-rotors) since 1991.


This presentation we will present our vision in France concerning RPAS Test Ranges needs (location, equipments, R&D, …) in order to develop or validate safe and mature solutions able to respond to industrial issues. Test Ranges may also be an aid to the DGAC (CAA) relative to airworthness assessment to certifiate safer solutions. This can be very interesting for international missions mostly if foreign countries adopt the same refence text for RPAS certification. Test Ranges may need some segregated airspace (depending on application cases) and also some test benches for system validation or pilot training (advanced training). Our approach is not only focused on the French market, but is clearly focused on international partnerships and exchanges (for example ICATS & RAWFIE).