Francoise Derout

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Bio Data 

Françoise Derout holds a Master’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law in Aix-en-Provence and an MBA from the Euromed Business School. She has practiced in the consulting firms Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young and Capgemini Consulting. She has conducted dozens of missions in the aeronautical environment (airport, security, information system ..), in all parts of the world. Specializing in aeronautical embedded systems, she leaves  the consulting world and founds his company Air Space Drone to create an evolutionary system whose ambition is to accompany a safe and functional development of RPAS in the airspace.




Air Space Drone (ASD)  is a company that associates a lawyer with a strong experience in embedded systems, two engineers (one of them is an airline pilot), and a doctor of mathematics. The first step of their system, « RPAS Fly Safe », was finalized in June 2016. The prototype tests have validated identIfication and localisation systems in real time, very light (40 g), adaptable to all types of RPAS. It works in all circumstances without the nuisance for communication in progress and without saturating radar screens. At the same time, and to continue to add complementary functionalities, ASD has developed a « detect and avoid » system. In addition to a geofencing of permanent areas (sensitive or restricted zones), this system can be a dynamic geofencing system showing the events unfolding in the sky in real time. Those events are translated and shared in real time with users and authorities who have an authorization. The data are locked in a server with a high level security protocol. The fully autonomous system covers the framework of the European airspace, but is flexible and adaptable to the specificities of all members states. The system follows the certification of the 21J part of EASA and is affordable for all the end users. The software is developed to the DO-178C standard.