Jacques Kruse Brandao

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Bio Data

Jacques is in the identification and security industry for >15y. Today Jacques advocates our partners on Security and Privacy in the hyper-connected world including UAV explaining the related needs and available solutions. Before Jacques was in charge of Business Development for Emerging businesses in the field of Cyber Security in the ’IoT – Internet of Things’ focusing on ‘Connected Systems’ like Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Smart City, Smart Home, Building Automation and Energy Management Solutions. His patience is to setup Secure Connections in a smarter World.


This presentation is about requirements and available solutions, but also about challenges on trust, secure communication, data integrity, sense & avoid and reliability for safe operations of UAVs. Blue prints from other segments running secure solutions on daily basis should help to find guidance. NXP as global leader in embedded processing, sensing, connectivity and security solutions offers co-creation to jointly address and fill the gaps to create winning UAV solutions.