Luc Haeberlé

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Bio Data

Luc Haeberlé has occupied various positions in the telecommunication, test & measurement and safety industry, for example as Director Asia/Pacific Broadcast for Rohde & Schwarz in Munich or as Sales & Marketing Director at Dräger Safety France. In these positions Luc has often contributed to conferences and workshops for organizations like the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) or the ITU. In 2013 Luc joined the German LS telcom group being in charge of developing a new subsidiary (Colibrex) involved in the RPAS/Drone industry. As specialized drone operator Colibrex is offering airborne radio frequency measurement services worldwide. Based on the longstanding expertise of its mother company LS telcom towards dynamic databases and licensing processes, Colibrex has also invested ahead of the curve and recently launched Drone-Flight-Check, a drone registration and authorization management database & app. As Managing Director of Colibrex, Luc is developing both these activities in various countries and represents the company in organizations like UAV-DACH. Luc Haeberlé holds a double French-German degree in business administration for technical goods.


Considering the irresistible expansion of drones with their multiple applications as well as the demand of some big players for dedicated “drone highways” that will require an integration into the airspace managed today on the basis of ATM rules, there is no doubt that UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Systems will regulate flying drone in the future. But the establishment of harmonized rules and standards, their acceptance by all the players and the inherent regulatory approval processes at the different national and international levels, and last but not least the development, testing and validation of the appropriate tools will not be realized in one day. On the other hand, aeronautical, public safety and homeland security have to be guaranteed from now on. The list of recent incidents implicating drones speaks for itself. Therefore authorities and stakeholders have urgently to act and there is a certain consensus that measures like drone registration, flight approval mechanisms, geo-fencing and a minimum level of traceability can immediately improve security around drone flying. The purpose of the paper is to explain the advantages of such measures and how they can be implemented as upfront and preparation of a future UTM. The author will particularly describe the mechanisms required to dynamically and intelligently link registration data with no-fly and restricted-fly zones based on the example of Drone-Flight-Check, the solution developed by Colibrex and LS telcom as drone registration and authorization management database and app. An outlook on drone tracking will conclude the presentation.