Mark Vanlook

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Bio Data

Mark Vanlook started in 1986 as civil engineer at IMEC in Leuven. In 1990, he was offered a job at GDF Suez in the engineering department. He subsequently built a local and international career in technology, marketing and general management. After a few years he was given the opportunity in Eastern Europe to follow a few key acquisitions for the group. In 1999, Mark became an entrepreneur and started one of the first internet companies in Belgium: anaXis. After 10 years the company grew to about 90 employees and 400 customers and was a trendsetter in online business and e-government applications. In 2013, Mark sold his business and he devoted himself to a new challenge: drones. He is currently chairman of EUKA, a membership organization that aims to help start this new world economy in Europe.


EUKA brings businesses, government and research institutions together to promote the industry of drones. We share a common passion: the internet of ‘flying’ things!   Who are out members?

  • The end users : companies or governments that wish to deploy drone applications – are actively involved in helping define the demand in the market and in the detection of new product-market combinations;
  • Research institutions will – according to the scientific challenges – help target your search to push the boundaries of these new technologies;
  • The drone industry companies will offer products and services that meet the market demand, which will lead to new starters, healthy growing businesses, and possibly to major international market leaders;
  • The government will provide a regulatory framework (legislation) that ensures safe drone traffic while maintaining sufficient privacy for citizens;
  • Sector organizations can have a significant role to guide their members and inspire the end user.