Michael Larsen

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Current position: Head of UAS at UAS Denmark/UAS Test Center Denmark. More than 20 years experience in regional and business development, investment promotion and development of cooperation between research and business etc. Since 2013 leading the transformation of a regional airport into a development hub for unmanned technology and the parallel establishment and operation of a national innovation network/protection of industry interests.
Education: Master of Business Administration, International Marketing, University of Southern Denmark, 1993.


The Danish Government, more specifically the Minister for Higher Education and the Minister for Transport and Building, published a comprehensive National UAS Strategy to strengthen the use and development of UAS technology in Denmark. The industry network UAS Denmark has highlighted the need for a national strategy during the last 3 years through a ROAD MAP for the industry developed in process with members of UAS Denmark. One of the most significant elements in the strategy is a 9 million EUR grant for research infrastructure partially funded by the state, partially by the Danish Universities. Another ambition is to create an international hub for test and development of drone technology at UAS Test Center Denmark located in Hans Christian Andersen Airport (HCA Airport). The national strategy comprises 6 main ambitions, which are to be carried out by 23 specific initiatives securing a safe and stable development, research and use of UAV´s in Denmark and Europe. The 6 ambitions are:

  • Strengthening of the development and research of drone technology
  • Establishment of Internationally attractive test facilities for drone technology
  • Promotion of public sector use of drone
  • The strengthening of educational activities for drone development and use of drones
  • National participation in the international standardization process of drones
  • Internationalization of Danish drone research and the UAS industry

This presentation will give an overview of the strategy and the activities already underway in order to highlight how Denmark is moving ahead on the drone front. The new Danish UAS legislation approved by the government this summer will also be outlined in relation the National Strategy