Mirel Pehadzic

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Bio Data

Mirel Pehadzic is working as Technical Solution Manager at Advanced Mobile Networks in Nokia Technology Center Ulm, located in Germany. Since ever graduating in Software Engineering at Helsinki University of Applied Sciences, he has been challenging himself with mobile network systems for over a decade now, holding different positions in R&D departments in Nokia. His latest challenge and ambition, is leading the research on the UTM system based on mobile network infrastructure. Furthermore, as Nokia, being a member of Global UTM Association (GUTMA), Mirel is actively working together with the members of the association to define standards and technical solutions for the UTM.


Many industries, including healthcare, logistics, agriculture, news and entertainment, are embracing the benefits of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Managing this UAS growth has become a challenge for governments and aviation authorities. Solutions for automated UAS traffic management are needed to embrace the opportunities UAS bring to the connected society. To fulfill this very demanding approach, one must focus on an End-to-End UTM solution. Digging a bit deeper into a possible solution, a few key areas which need attention, are identified: the user side where drones and drone pilots are connected via mobile network with the rest of Internet of Things (UTM modem, NB-IoT, interfaces), interfaces to manned aviation (ATM) and Public Safety entities (police, fire brigades…etc.), E2E Communication (mobile network and other available technologies) and E2E security (UTM modem, communication, cloud…etc.).
Assuming the above are just a few pieces of the final puzzle, are we on the right track towards the final solution?