Morten Raustein

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Bio Data

Morton Raustein served in the Royal Norwegian Air Force from 1988 in several positions in base, helicopter, and fighter operations, and was the last operational GCA controller in Norway. Got Commercial and instructor licences 1990-92 and is currently head and assistant head of training in two separate flying club flight schools. From 2003-2006 was part of the Norwegian Tactical UAS project before joining the Norwegian CAA in 2009 with the responsability for trying to create Norewegian RPAS regulations. Left the CAA to rejoin the Air Force in base operations at Ørland Air station in 2015, and has been a freelance advisor regarding RPAS related issues since then. Today he represents himself and presents as an advisor to UAS Norway.



This presentation will expose the process leading from total denial or danger area only for RPAS operations in controlled airspace to the current possibility of ad-hoc operations on short notice.