Oliver Heinrich

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Bio Data

Oliver Heinrich is co-founder and partner of BHO Legal. The law firm is a consortium member of the “Drone.Rules.eu” EU funded project. Oliver advises national and international public entities and corporations on legal aspects in high technology projects. Prior to working as an attorney, Oliver was  project manager for the European Satellite Navigation System Gallileo at the German Aerospace Centre, DLR e.V. and legal manager of the consortium bidding for the Galileo concession. Oliver is a member of the Board of Directors of UVS International.


In early October 2016, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure circulated a prototype regulation on air law specific to drone for stakeholder consultation. The deadline for submission of comments lapsed on 21 October.
The presentation summarises the new regulation and anaylses potential impacts for commercial drone operations and the industry development, also in view on how the EASA prototype regulation was considered. The presentation closes with an outlook on the further legislative process.