Olivier Fontaine

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Bio Data      

Olivier Fontaine is the president, Accountable and Safety manager of the no profit organization Sapritalia A.P.S. which scope is to promote new jobs and safety. Mr Fontaine after the training for quality management also achieve the ICAO/ EASA safety requirement at the JAA training organization. Certified by Créteil university for aeronautical education, he has years of experience in didactical for aeronautical purpose. He realizes specific research on the relation between education and safety. Its expertise on RPAS education allow him to be stakeholder for the second JARUS harmonization workshop of Bern where he was invited to communicate the preliminary results of it research, and produce the technical report on training needs for the «RPAS outlook 2016» of SESAR-SJU. Its research also interests Abu Dhabi (EAM) and Twente (NL) universities with which he publishes a paper about safety, just culture and education. Graduated at ESMA (FR) as flight dispatcher, he makes work experience in a cargo company where he matured understanding of organizational aeronautical management. As of the year 2012 he’s interested in RPAS activities. He participates at all important convention starting from the second dissemination workshop at Eurocontrol head quarter until the first ICAO RPAS world symposium in Montréal, thru EASA workshops area 100 KSA for training. Author of substantive articles on the evolution of rules for RPAS he obtained expertise in that particular field and is invited to lecture principally on evolution of RPAS rules. As any glider pilot he’s a meteorology enthusiast. That permitsted him to also be a weather analyser officer in the cargo company where he was employed.


A rapid analysis highlights that the Italian concept of a train is completely based on unknown criteria. At the beginning, in absence of a real framework, in less of one year, 106 schools saw the daylight. All of these schools received the approval from the Italian NAA (ENAC), but on 1 July 2016 all of the approvals were cancelled. The promised list of the new schools was published two and a half months later (mid of September). To our amazement, they were only seven training centers for the entire Italian territory. Some of the new approved training centres are trademark training centres of RPAS designers or manufacturers/integrators. It is well known that in addition to the authorized operators, there are thousands of illegals. The findings of our survey demonstrates that “drone” enthusiasts have a huge lack of basic competencies. The proposed framework for the training in Italy does not take in consideration all the JARUS recommended matters.  Exams will be made by means of only 24 questions under the supervision of the training centre, without any oversight by the NAA. The probable outcome will be that Italian operators using Italian will be unable to compete with other European pilots due to an evident lack of knowledge. Obviously, we already denounce this Machiavellian state of affairs, but the internal situation is so chaotic, that it is even impossible to get a direct line with the responsible person at ENAC, who has not answered any of our calls