Ralf Heidger

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M.A. at Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany 1986, Software Developer since 1985, ATM-Software Development since 1992, joined DFS 2001 as head of Software development department for Tower ATM Systems, founder and responsible Manager of the DFS PHOENIX ATM System 2001-2016, various publications on Tracking, MSDF, and ATM Systems; moved to Strategy Department 2016, Issue Management UAS and UAS Strategy in DFS, DFS representative in UAS Groups and Projects.


UAS Traffic Management (UTM) is a subject rapidly gaining importance in the context of UAS Integration into the airspace System. Various initiatives like from FAA/NASA, SJU, GUTMA, EUROCAE, and LUFO have been started to look at the concept of operations, top level requirements, system decomposition , interfaces, resources, and neighbouring systems like ATM, Surveillance etc. The paper presents the DFS activities in these areas, the perspective of an ANSP on UTM, the similarities, differences, and interconnections between UTM and ATM, and the strategy of the DFS towards future UTM solutions. Specific consideration is given to surveillance, tracking/MSDF issues, mission plan issues, data modelling and Interfaces.