Uwe Meinberg

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Professor Meinberg is leader of the chair industrial information technology. He and his team at the Brandenburgischen Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg have been conducting research since severeal years in the field of RPAS. Especially the mission planning and the evaluation of data is the main emphasis of the chair IIT. Since about three years BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg has been discussing the statrt-up of a network of RPAS-related organisations and companies especially in Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as beyond in Germany. For this BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg started CURPAS – Civil Use of Remotely piloted Assistent Systems, which is currently cooperating with 250 persons from about 100 organisations in Germany and the EU and Russia.


RPAS is a very interestig domain for current and future science research. A lot of chances, but also a lot of unresolved problems, create opportunities for science in Germany, in Europe and in the world. Epecially the possibilities to use RPAS are intersting for ecoomy and science. If the transport of parcels, the saving of lives or the inspection of buildings – RPAS will be the future in a lot of logistic proesses. A significant number of different competencies are involved in the solution of the different problems. For example the battery capacity and the planning of the missions are still problems which have to be resolved. RPAS identification and registration will become an important topic. In Germany we are talking about rules for the professional use of RPAS in different scenarios.