You can register for the 2019 RPAS CivOps conference online or off line by fax or email.

Registration & payment deadline : 12.00 noon (French time) on 18 January 2019.

Online registration

To register on line please fill out the appropriate form here :

STANDARD REGISTRATION – For All Delegates (except free delegates indicated below)

FREE REGISTRATION – Only for SPANISH Government Employees (civil & military) & AESA Representatives

FREE REGISTRATION – Only for Representatives of ICAO, OECD, BENELUX General Secretariat, European Parliament, Employees of European Commission & European Union Agencies & NATO Headquarters

FREE REGISTRATION Only for members of the PRESS (written press), holders of a valid press card (less than one year old), and working for media companies specialized in or regularly addressing the topics of the event.

Off line registration

To register off line please download the following form, which should be filled out and returned to  pvb@rps-info.com :