Anastasio Sanchez


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Bio Data

Anastasio Sanchez has a MS in Telecommunication Engineering (Technical University of Madrid) and is the head of the ATLAS Flight Test Center. He participated in the design, development and operations of MINISAT 01 (INSA-INTA). Later, he joined Ericsson Spain, working in Operators Support and leading the support to Vodafone Spain as Service Delivery Manager. In 2010, he joined FADA as Head of ATLAS, supporting the design and execution of RPAS/UAS operations for different customers.


This presentation will briefly explain the work of SGT1.2 within the RPAS Advisory Committee of AESA where the minimum system requiremetns that have been established. These minimum systems requirements have been created for a set of systems already identified in the current Spanish RPAS regulation but taken into account the SORA methodology and the integrity and assurance levels that are considered in SORA 2.0 version.

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