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Trilateral Research & Consulting, UK

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Filippo Marchetti carries out legal and policy research for the purposes of several EU-funded projects in the fields of data privacy and technology. In addition, he provides regulatory and policy advice on International and European Union law matters, including but not limited to the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on organisations in the public and private sectors. His areas of expertise include privacy and data protection law and policy, international law, and European Union law. Filippo is an IBITGQ certified EU GDPR Practitioner. He also holds a PhD in International Law and Economics from Bocconi University and a MA in International Relations from the University of Milan.


Privacy and data protection have been highlighted as risks and negative impacts of drone use. This has also been recognised by policy-makers with the latest version of EASA Draft Regulations clearly highlighting the need for (1) compliance procedures by operators and (2) training and certification by pilots. The DroneRules PRO presentation will focus on providing an overview of how particular online resources can be used to help drone users and manufacturers ensure that their operations comply with privacy and data protection requirements. It will highlight the usefulness of the DroneRules PRO-developed resources and it will explore how they can be incorporated into drone pilot and operator training. To illustrate some of its content, the presentation will also seek to provide some practical guidance to conference listeners about how to apply best practices and contribute to a safer, more GDPR-friendly operations. To encourage stakeholder involvement, the presentation will highlight the project’s next steps and opportunities for stakeholders to become involved and join upcoming training sessions by the DroneRules PRO project.

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