Séverine Charmant


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Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC), Direction du Transport Aérien (DTA), France

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After a degree in Public Affairs, Severine joined the international cooperation department of the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), which aims to develop partnerships tailored to the needs expressed by foreign CAAs, to comply with the standards and recommended practices of the ICAO . She then worked for DSNA Services, a company created by DGAC and ENAC, in order to export civil aviation services in foreign countries. In November, she joined the aeronautic department, in charge of defining and putting into effect the aeronautical research and development support policy. She is in charge of the secretariat for the French Civil Drones Council.


France has developed 4 standard scenarios within its national regulation since 2012 (two in visual line of sight, and two beyond visual line of sight). To meet the industry needs, 2 new standard scenarios are currently being developed. The first one allows a light training for UAS flights operated for internal purposes. The second refers to long range operations. These improvements are made possible thanks to a close cooperation between the French Civil aviation authority and the French industry.  These new standard scenarios are meant to match with the future EU regulation framework.

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