Christiaan Lubbers


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Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL), The Netherlands

Bio Data 

After receiving his master’s degree at Leiden University on the subject of Cognitive Psychology, Christiaan started at Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) as a Junior Procedures developer, working on small procedural changes such routes and airspaces. After several years he started within LVNL at the Human Factor’s department, where he was able to apply his background in the field of Human Factors Engineering, where he specialised in changes in the TWR/APP environment. Currently he is working as a Procedures Architect, working on projects such as UAS integration. As a private pilot he is keen on integrating UAS safely, without unnecessarily limiting the innovative trend of unmanned applications.


Integrating UAS within the busy controlled and uncontrolled airspaces provides a huge challenge. LVNL proposes working together with manned and unmanned aviation to find solutions that will make integration safe, within the regulatory framework, and without limiting the positive trend of innovation with unmanned systems. Safe integration demands thorough understanding of the current and expected use of the airspace and the systems that are available. LVNL promotes the use of new systems for planning, surveillance and traffic avoidance, and underlines the importance of the joint development of U-Space. The way forward desires a joint effort of all stakeholders, which requires the right forum and motivation for moving together. It is key to align expectations on who will take the first steps in implementation.

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