Daniel Garcia-Monteavaro Vizcaino


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Daniel Garcia-Monteavaro Vizcaino is Head of the Drone Business Development Department. He graduated from Polytechnic University of Madrid as an Aeronautical Engineer.. He is a systems engineer with 17 years of experience as Navigation Project Manager in navaids installation & commissioning, and its relationship with Air Operations, PBN and RNAV procedures. Currently he runs the Drones Business Development Department in ENAIRE that is working in other European Projects related to Drone Demonstrators. The Department is involved in regulatory activities and other actions related to the commercial development of UTM/U-Space services for drones, both at the national level, as well as international.


What are the key requirements for U-Space deployment? What is the role of the ANSPs in enabling U-Space? The ANSP will have a main role in UTM Architecture that will be disscussed as well. ENAIRE will present a proposal for Spanish U-Space Architecture based on an Ecosystem Manager as a central DTM, and the U-Space Services Provider (USSP) connected to it. Pros and Cons will be shown to have a further discussion.

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