Isabel Del Pozo de Poza


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Isabel Del Pozo de Poza – Airbus, Spain

Bio Data   

Isabel del Pozo de Poza has over 10 year experience in the ATM field. She started working at Boeing Research & Technology Europe (BR&TE) participating in common initiatives between NextGen and SESAR, supporting the trajectory based operation concept on both ATM modernization programmes. Isabel holds a PhD addressing the “Assessment of Fairness and Equity in Trajectory Based Air Traffic Management”. She joined Airbus Helicopters in 2013 were she acted as an Expert and in the field of ATM and Civil Operations and Head of Department for Mission Management. She leads the ATM/UTM roadmap within Airbus and heads the Airspace Management team working on UTM solutions and services to support the integration of autonomous and digital operations in our airspace.


Airbus is leading various initiatives on autonomous operations in different fields: Urban Air Mobility, RPAS, Drone Services. And still an appropriate operational environment to enable more autonomous and digital operations needs to be defined and agreed among different stakeholders. Key challenges will be the integration in the lower airspace where mainly the non-cooperative traffic is located with limited support of Air Navigation Services. Compared to the upper airspace, the lower airspace will have to become more structured, specially looking at the expected growth in autonomous traffic. Potential review of the airspace classes classification, specially E and G, will be required as well as discussions around some key topics: adaptation of the instrumental flight concepts, delegation of separation provision to the vehicles, what degrees of automation and digitalization are needed both on ground and in the air, how to address spectrum and cybersecurity topics. Questions around the traffic services required for those operations, evolution needed of exiting traffic management concepts and solutions, as well as key technology bricks urgently demanded by airspace users have to find an answer in a very sort time.

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