Jean-Sébastien Guillaume


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Chouette, France

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Graduate from a MBA from the Economic school of Warfare and after 12 years of experience in consulting in strategic and competitive intelligence with the international expansion of french companies, I wanted to take part for answering the new challenges of global warming. After several experiments in the vines and wineries, a diploma in oenology and viticulture, I chose to join Chouette. The challenges of the vineyards are related to the climate change and the advent of the digital revolution in the vine sector can be an effective and appropriate answers. Today, I combine my competences in Market Intelligence, Business Development and Viticulture within a dynamic company specialised in the viticulture of precision. With Chouette, I want to give a service adapted to the needs for the vine growers, fruit of alliance between artificial intelligence and drone.


Precision viticulture and the use of monitoring systems for the management of and temporal variability in France and Europe has been the research topic of Chouette that has led to the emergence of new high tech production segments that have been able to accompany the transformation of viticulture machines. The results of our research have enabled the design and introduction of autonomous vehicles (drones) and intelligent sensors, suitable for proximal and remote sensing and for use in the sustainable management of the vineyard. At the same time, there are still difficulties in market deployment of these technologies due to an ackowledge from the vineworkers and difficult integration with ordinary viticulture techniques. The object of this mini-review is to present the innovative technologies applied in precision viticulture considering several.

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