Carlo Facchetti


Rescue Drones Network, Italy

Bio Data

Carlo Facchetti (Italy, born on 11 December 1973) comes from the aeronautical world and has a wide experience as commercial pilot with more than 3.000 flight hours. Since 2010, he works in the professional RPAS field. In 2011, he founded Geoskylab, the first italian company to obtain the authorization from ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, as Consulting Organization and RPAS Pilot Training School. The headquarters of GeoSkyLab is located in the Technological Innovation Hub in Dalmine (BG), Italy. Following the update of the ENAC regulation in December 2016, GeoSkyLab received the approval by ENAC as RPAS Training Center. In 2017, he obtained the certification by ENAC as Pilot Examiner. In October 2018, he was elected to the position of vice president of the Rescue Drones Network association.


The purpose of our association outlining the objectives and reporting how we intend to achieve our mission thanks to the support of skilled and experienced people, especially emphasizing the need to implement protocols and change the regulations in place both in Italy and in Europe when it comes to approved rescue missions, proposing Rescue Drones Network as a point of reference for Europe to drive the steps that will lead to the above mentioned changes.

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