Manuel Garcia Riveiro


Garcia-Rivero-Manuel_FADA-CATEC_ES fada-catec


Bio Data

Aeronautical engineer from the University of Seville. He has more than 8 years of experience at FADA-CATEC working in the development of advanced GNC systems and on-board autopilot critical software for UAS in projects like ADAM, PROMETEO, and EC-SAFEMOBIL. Also, he was one the research engineers who participated in the ARIADNA project where the first simultaneous flight of a civil Drone and a manned Aircraft in a Spanish airport was performed. Furthermore, he has been actively collaborating in the AESA RPAS Advisory Committee and he has experience applying the SORA methodology for different Specific operations.


In a near future, EASA regulation will be made public and standard scenarios are meant to simplify the activities for UAS operators in the Specific category. FADA-CATEC has been working, in collaboration with AESA, in the development of a standard scenario for flight testing with RPAS in segregated airspace applying SORA methodology. This standard scenario will help to simplify the necessary permits to perform flight testing activities in homologated test centers. This presentation will explain in detail the application of SORA to this type of operation and the major requirements that the standard scenario imposes.

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