Marc Kegelaers


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UniFly, Belgium

Bio Data        

Marc is CEO and co-owner of Unifly Ltd. He holds a Masters’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. Marc is a quadri-lingual executive with a formal education in Engineering, Business Administration and Aviation. Started his career in the product management department of a multinational (GTE). Over the years, he has gone through the stages of Product Management, International Sales, Key Account Management, Sales Director, General Manager, Chief Executive and Business Owner in a range of sectors: Network management, IT security, Aviation, Telecommunications. Acquired experience includes: company creation, merger, and acquisition, capital increase, dealing with the investment community and company closure. He joined Unifly in 2015 with the objective of making it a lead company in the UTM – space.  Marc also serves as the Vice-president of the Global UTM Association.


Unifly is deeply involved in the U-space program We are involved in three of the four «Exploratory Reasearch» projects as well as in 6 of the 10 Very Large Demonstrators, including SAFIR for which we are the project coordinator.  In this presentation, we will take an overview of what the content of each project, what capability is being / will be demonstrated.

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