Mikael Shamim


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Helicus, Belgium

Bio Data

Mikael Shamim (MSc, MBA) combines several international degrees in economics and engineering. As a private pilot (PPL) Mikael has always been into mannded aviation and further build upon this with a drone pilot license (RPL). During seven years he worked as a management consultant (Accenture & Bain) and another ten years in industry (Toyota & Kärcher). He focuses on (re)organization roles within the healthcare sector, first as an executive and then as management consultant. His
collaboration within the complex healthcare sector forms the base for the Helicus Aero Initiative that is codevelopped with Hospitals and professional medical practioner groups.


Helicus operates medical drone based transport solutions. It coordinates a joint development programme across several projects with air traffic control authorities, health care organisations and industrial actors to offer a complete medical transport solution. The Helicus Aero Initiative is a solid consortium of industrial level actors who bring multi-disciplinary competencies and who follow a joint roadmap to provide medical transport by drone. Companies from all disciplines are invited to join to further build their competencies and prepare for the economically important and coming drone age.

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