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A leader at heart with entrepreneurial passion that has led change in organizations globally to grow their business. He has delivered mission critical services in Europe, USA, Middle East & South Asia. He has led large scale organization transformation projects for OEMs, ANSPs, Tier-1 and Tier 2 suppliers comprising of aligning business and operational aviation strategies, business development, performance improvement, assurance and corporate governance, post-acquisition change management, process design and improvement, program/project management and organizational design initiatives. He has a deep command of improving maturity of organizations and preparing them to grow their business organically by implementing internal changes and inorganically via mergers and acquisitions. He has proven experience in managing strategy, operations, programs and commercial initiatives in a variety of industry verticals including Aviation, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Telecoms, Education, Defence, Banking, Finance, Retail Petroleum, Automotive, Rail and Medical Devices. He currently works at EUROCONTROL as a Senior Manager Business Development, responsible for developing ATM/Unmanned Traffic Management business with international stakeholders


Numerous U-Space-related projects are emerging across Europe1. Their ambition are far diverse, ranging from mere technology demonstrators up to full-fledged deployments supporting pioneer commercial services, multi-modal transport and public sector applications in for example in emergency services and infrastructure maintenance. This buoyant environment is constantly pushing the limits of technology and operations towards the maturity levels required for business applications. To keep the momentum and attract additional private investment, Commissioner Violeta Bulc launched on 19 Oct 18 the European U-Space Demonstrator Network, as a platform for aggregating such early implementing initiatives across Europe. A support cell to the network has been created that will bundle the regulatory and safety competence of the European Aviation Safety Agency, the R&D management expertise of the SESAR Joint Undertaking and the technical and operational air traffic management expertise of EUROCONTROL. The presentation will explain the objectives of the Network, benefits for organisations to become member of it,  highlight how it works with its members, and how to join it.

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