Santiago Pascual Calvino


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Ministry of Economy – Digital Advancement, Spain – On behalf of SDC Subgroup 1.3

Bio Data

As telecommunication engineer, Santiago Pascual has a professional career of more than 30 years that in its beginning was focused on the design of radio and microwave electronics to then open up to other fields.: systems engineering, space systems engineering, spectrum engineering with the elaboration of related regulations and management of HW & SW projects. This trajectory has been developed in a great variety of national and foreign centres & organisations. Throughout all these years, the speaker has been able to know the inside of the world of research & development and has learned to appreciate the sharing of work & experience with people from other countries, with other languages & cultures, which is very recommandable for for any professional in the ICT field. This experience has also given the speaker the ability to adapt to new environments, while enriching his ICT experience.


Summary of the work developed by the Subgroup SGT 1.3 of the Spanish Advisory Commission on RPAS. This work focues on regulatory development in relation to the use of radio spectrum for unmanned aircraft.

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