Patricia Hervias Vallejo


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Indra, Spain

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Patricia Hervías is an Aeronautical Engineer from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. From the beginning of her career, she has worked in ATM projects in Indra, first as test engineer and later as systems engineer. After a year of experience in ATM commercial roles, she is now the system engineering head in U-Space & UTM department in Indra, where she is defining Indra UTM Platform and its integration with air traffic management systems, taking advantage of its wide experience in ATM. Indra is a leading company in ATM, with installations in more than 160 countries covering the whole portfolio of products, including surveillance, navigation aids, communications and automation systems.


U-Space & UTM are the hot topics in drone world right now. In a very traditional and closed world like ATM and airspace use, new actors and companies are entering, opening the market and applications. This is a good way to boost the economy and encourage the use of drones for commercial applications, but keeping the safety and security levels for both airspace users and assets on ground become essential.  During the presentation, Indra will expose its vision about U-Space and UTM, applying its wide experience in maintaining safety and security in ATM systems to this new UTM world. The possible architecture will be discussed, making emphasis in different solutions, both in the short and in the medium-long term. This presentation will also highlight the integration between both systems, UTM and ATM, especially in critical zones close to controlled airspace or airports.

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