Peter van Blijenburgh

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(Member of the DroneRules.EU & SkyOpener Consortia)
UVS International, The Netherlands

Peter van Blijenburgh, a Dutch national, was born in The Netherlands (1948) and resides in Paris, France (since 1976). He is the CEO of Blyenburgh & Co, a French strategic consultancy company & publisher. Mr. Van Blijenburgh is the founder of EuroUVS (1997), which became UVS International in 2000. He is currently in his 10th two year mandate as president of UVS International (www.uvs-international.org), a non-profit association registered in The Netherlands and operating out of offices in Paris, France, which represents more than 3000 companies (manufacturers & operators) & organizations involved with RPAS/drones in 44 countries. He has instigated the creation of 14 national RPAS/drone associations, and has been the instigator of and/or participant in multiple initiatives related to RPAS/drone regulations & standards. He is the founder of the International RPAS Coordination Council, which federates 27 associations in 25 countries. He is the editor of “RPAS: The Global Perspective”, the well-respected annual RPAS/drone reference publication and is also the creator of:

–    www.rpas-regulations.com, the world’s only web site dedicated to RPAS/drone regulations, which monitors 267 countries & overseas territories;

–    www.uvs-info.com (a generic RPAS/drone information source), a data base of internationally registered patents relative to RPAS/drones (at system & sub-system level);

–    (www.uas-patents.org) a data base of internationally registered patents relative to RPAS/drones (at system & sub-system level).

Mr. Van Blijenburgh has been implicated with RPAS/drones since 1987 & has supplied advisory services to corporate & governmental entities in Europe, the Middle East, and Far East & USA. He is a member of the ICAO RPAS Panel, European RPAS Steering Group, the EC’s RPAS Roadmap Implementation Coordination Group, EASA’s General Aviation Sectorial Committee, JARUS’ Stakeholder Consultation Body, as well as various corporate & academic advisory committees.

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