Raimund Kamp


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Federal Ministry of Transport, Germany

Bio Data

Raimund Kamp, a trained lawyer, has been working with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure since 2003. In this period, he has worked in the department for maritime transportation and as a transport attaché to the United Arab Emirates. Since 2015, his main focus is on German regulations in the field of operations, licensing, airworthiness and safety management. In this regard, he is also a frequent participant to European rulemaking activities. With regard to unmanned aviation, he was involved in the preparation of the new German regulations of unmanned air vehicles and chaired the German aviation authorities´ forum on unmanned aviation. He is also involved in the ongoing set-up of the German Civil Drone Council.


The German drone council is still young. However, it has proven to be a helpful tool to draft a national drone strategy and to collect the essence of the German drone community. The presentation will visualize the results of the working groups and of the steering committee. The next step will be to channel the activities of the council into a drone strategy that helps the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to lay out a Drone Strategy that caters to safety aspects and the potential of the new technology in a balanced way. Some crucial aspects of the future strategy will be presented.

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