Ralf Heidger



Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), Germany

Bio Data 

Ralf Heidger studied at Gutenberg-University in Mainz, Germany, joined an AI-Company in Germany as Software engineer, then entered ATC Software Business for a decade. Joined DFS in 2001 and became Head of Software development for the multi-sensor-tracking System PHOENIX plus a number a additional ATM Software Tools developed in the DFS. Moved to the Department VE (= Strategy and Organisation development) in 2016 to join the UAS Issue Management, became responsible for the UTM development management in the DFS. The UTM development is based on a modified PHOENIX for drone tracking along with manned Aviation and a UTM Framework acquired from the UTM market.


The presentation explains the UTM architecture, data flow, and functionalities in the UTM System which is evolving in the DFS as a national UTM System. It explains the chosen design decisions, the surveillance and tracking experiments, the results of the experimented use cases together with the Deutsche Telecom DTAG acting as mobile communication service provider and project partner, and the current steps of implementation.

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