Juan Ignatio Rueda


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ENAIRE, Spain – On behalf of SCDC Subgroup 2.4

Bio Data

Juan Ignacio Rueda Cid, born in Madrid in 1968 (50 years old), graduated in Philology studies in Granada University. He is an air traffic controller since 1991, has developed his professional career in Gran Canaria tower and in the air control centre as instructor and supervisor. In 2010 he left the ops room and begun as Safety manager in Canary Region. Since 2013, he is the Head of the ATM regulatory Department in ENAIRE headquarters. He is member of the RPA committees of ENAIRE, AENA and AESA.


As the Spanish state began working on the RPA regulations, the main ANSP in Spain, ENAIRE, began adapting existing procedures or making specific ones. The presentation will explain how ENAIRE reaches the challenge. The main procedures are designed in two ways; The first is administrative and the other is operational. On the administrative one, the coordination with the airports, with other ANSP and with the Spanish Security Agency is needed. The second important role in this whole process is the operationalcoordination, where the affected office evaluates the condition of the operation. The tactical barriers will be established to mitigate the potential risks.

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