Sergiu Marzac




Bio Data 

Sergiu Marzac has a legal background with 15 years of extensive experience in the civil aviation domain. He started his career at the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova being involved in different policy and rulemaking activities at state level, primarily responsible for the transposition of the EU aviation acquis into the national legal framework. Starting from 2016 he was the CAA coordinator of an EU funded project on the UAS application in different sectors. In April 2017 he joined EUROCAE as a Technical Programme Manager, taking over the EUSCG Secretariat and the coordination of the EUROCAE WG-105 on UAS. Sergiu holds a Master’s degree in International Law, a Diploma in Civil Aviation Management and a MBA Aviation.


The presentation will start by a short introduction to the European UAS Standards Coordination Group highlighting what EUSCG is, why it was created, who participates in this initiative, its main scope, purpose and deliverable. Further on an insight in the structure of the Rolling Development Plan will be provided, describing shortly its structure and why it is a helpfull tool for the organisations involved in the UAS activities. A link to the EUSCG website will be made available to inform the participants on how they can have access to the RDP.

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