Juan Jose Sola Banasco


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AESA, Spain

Bio Data

Juan José Sola Banasco is an Aeronautical Engineer M.S., has a Masters in Management, Leadership and Public Affairs form Instituto Nacional de Administraciones Públicas. Madrid (Spain), Master’s degree (1500 hours. In addition he is a qualified RPAS pilot (Servicios y Estudios para la Navegación Aérea y la Seguridad Aeronáutica S.A. Madrid, Spain), holding a theoretical and practical certificate. He is currently the Head of Remote Piloted Aircraft Division (RPAS/DRONES) at AESA, In this capacity he is a member of the ICAO RPAS Panel, as well as JARUS. Previous to his position with AESA, he headed an ATS Training Department, worked as an air navigation consultant and an air navigation and airports consultant.


Introduction of the Spanish Drone Commission, its structure & members), a high level explanation of its activities & conclusions, and the upcoming challenges.

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