Uwe Meinberg



Test, Innovation and Technologiy Center for Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (TITUS), Germany

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Meinberg, Chair «Industrial Information Systems» at the Brandenburg University of Technology and managing director of a consulting company, is active more than 30 years in the field of «logistics and IT» and can experience from about 400 dedicated projects (including 2014 Winter Olympic Games). Out of one of these projects, which dealt with the security in critical infrastructures (airports), the intensive study of unmanned aerial systems has evolved in the context of logistics and other application scenarios since of 2009. Currently, the topics «Mission Planning», «Mission Evaluation (Big Data)», «Design & Dimensioning of UAS-based Distribution Systems» and thus directly connected «Exact/Precise Flights & Landings» are subject of industrial projects and research activities. Recently the competence centre «CURPAS (Civil Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)» in the capital region was implemented under the direction of Prof. Meinberg. He is currently responsible for initiating a Technology & Test Center for drones and mixed air traffic. He is a non-executive member of the UVS International Board of Directors and since December 2018 Director of TITUS GmbH.


For years we have been discussing the development of UAS with regard to technic, technology, economically relevant use-cases and – of course – necessary regulations for safe operations. Similar discussions have also been held for highly automated respectively autonomous road vehicles. In both cases, we can report acceptable progress. Meanwhile, thoughts are emerging of combining different (autonomous) modes of transport and physically networking them in value-added chains. This has led to the establishment of the technology, innovation and test centre for autonomous unmanned systems (TITUS) in Brandenburg/Germany, whose fields of activities and international positioning are described in this presentation. With strong support from the federal state of Brandenburg, TITUS conducts research and development for highly automated surface vehicles (land, water) and UAS. Highly qualified engineers and high-tech equipment are available to the institute and its partners and clients in order to efficiently achieve synergetic results.

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