Peter Alty

EUROCONTROL, International

  EUROCONTROL, International Session 4 – 16 16.00-16.15 Getting evidence to support short-term UTM deployment – PODIUM Bio Data Peter Alty is a programme and project manager with over 30 years of experience in air traffic management and industry. In May 2017,

Sylvain Bertrand

ONERA, France

   ONERA, France Session 5 – 25 09.45-10.00 Ground risk evaluation of a railway monitoring mission performed by RPAS Bio Data Sylvain  Bertrand received  his  Engineering and Master degree  in  2004  from the Ecole Centrale de Lille, and his PhD in 2007

Jordan Cicoria

Aerium Analytics, Canada

  Aerium Analytics, Canada Session 4 – 19  16.45-17.00 Edmonton International Airport: A Test Case in the Integration of Manned & Unmanned Aviation Bio Data Jordan Cicoria is a Managing Director of AERIUM Analytics, a UAS-As-A-Service company out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dominique Colin

EUROCONTROL, International

     EUROCONTROL, International   Bio Data Dominique Colin retired as Colonel from the French air force after 25 years of service. He has an extensive and comprehensive knowledge and experience of military aircraft operations, strategic planning, joint procurement constraints and airworthiness requirements

Koen de Vos

EC DG MOVE, European Union

   EC DG MOVE, European Union Session 3 – 10 13.30-13.45 Current status relative to UAS/RPAS regulation in Europe Bio Data Koen de Vos (Belgian, born on 21 March 1962) studied law (1985)and economics (1987) at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He

Carine Donzel

DGAC, France

     DGAC – Civil Drone Council France On behalf of the Civil Drone Council, France   Bio Data After a degree in engineering, I joined the French Civil aviation authority (DGAC, Direction générale de l’aviation civile) as deputy head of the French

Patrick Gandil

Director General - DGAC, France

  Director General – DGAC, France Session 1 – 01 09.00-09.15 Opening & Welcome Speech

Manuel Garcia Rivero


   FADA CATEC, Spain Session 7 – 32 13.45-14.00 New technologies as catalyst for novel drone applications Bio Data Manuel García Rivero is a RPAS Engineer in the Avionics & Systems department at the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (FADA-CATEC). He studied

Erwin George

Engie, France

   ENGIE, France On behalf of Conseil pour les drones civils, France Session 7 – 07 Drone Training: Piloting and operating skills. Working towards a common European vision Bio Data Engineer diploma in Industrial Energetics field. PhD in Energetics (missile propulsion) at

David Guerin


   OzyRPAS, UK Session 8 – 39  16.30- 16.45 Risk management (SORA) applied to RPAS air displays or system trials; a construct for African RPAS regulations Bio Data David Guerin launched OzyRPAS Consulting late 2016 to translate his experience across various fields

Ilkka Hildenhelmo

Sharper Shape, Finland

   Sharper Shape, Finland Session 8 – 36 15.45-16.00 Hurricane Harvey Post Disaster Operations & Learnings Bio Data Ilkka Hiidenheimo (FI), born 1960, is the CEO of Sharper Shape since 2017. In 1990 he was the founder of Stonesoft corporation. He served

Ulrich Hoffmann

Lufthansa Technik, Germany

  Lufthansa Technik, Germany Session 4 – 17 Increasing operational certainty, safety and effectiveness with UAS Health Conditon Monitoring: The allround digital drone health check Bio Data Ulrich has been working for Lufthansa Technik for more than nine years, first in

Julie Ibalot

SESAR Joint Undertaking, European Union

   SESAR Joint Undertaking, European Union Session 5 – 21  08.45-09.00 The EU roadmap for safe integration of drones & the growing SESAR U-space programme Bio Data Julie Ibalot is an Air Traffic Controller graduate from École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC)

Louise Jupp

Terreco Aviation (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

   Terreco Aviation (Pty) Ltd, South Africa Session 8 – 38 16.16-16.30 Regulate to Elevate – Not Strangulate Bio Data Louise Jupp has a Masters Degree in Environmental Science (Nottingham, UK, 1992) and a BSc (Hons) in Earth Science (Anglia Ruskin, UK,

Raimund Kamp

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany

   Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur, Germany Session 1 – 04 09.45-10.00 A National UAS Council – Towards a strong UAS Community Bio Data Raimund Kamp, a trained lawyer, has been working with the Federal Ministy of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Marc Kegelaers

Unifly, Belgium

   Unifly, Belgium Session 2 – 09 12.00-12.15 Deploying UTM: Experience gained Bio Data Marc is CEO and co-owner of Unifly Ltd. He holds a Masters’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is a Commercial Pilot

Gert Kruiswijk

CAA, The Netherlands

  Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport Session 1 – 06 11.15-11.30 Drone operations, Idyll or nightmare? Bio Data Gert Kruiswijk (1955) has been with CAA-NL since 1975. His career has taken him from administrative officer and legal advisor via ATS inspector and senior

Peter La Franchi

LFRG International, Australia

   LFRG International, Australia Session 7 – 33 14.00-14.15 Australias’s evolving RPAS regulatory environment and its domestic market shaping implications Bio Data Peter is an accomplished defence and aerospace industry business executive with more than 20 years of experience in the global

Norbert Lohl

UAV-DACH, Germany

   UAV-DACH Germany Session 6 – 30 12.00-12.15 The German Civil Drone Council – Challenges & Expectations Bio Data Norbert Lohl has 30 years of project management, management and senior management positions at the German Civil Aviation Authority LBA & 11 years

Alain Lumbroso

Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) - International Transport Forum, International

  Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) – International Transport Forum, International Session 3 – 12 14.00-14.15 Policy guidelines for the widespread deployment of RPAS Bio Data Alain Lumbroso is an economist at the international Transport Forum (ITF) of the OECD

Antonio Marchetto

EASA, European Union

   European Aviation Safety Agency, European Union Session 2 – 11 13.45-14.00 From NPA 20176-05 to the EASA Opinion: Issues & adaptations on the path to a European harmonized drone regulation Bio Data As EASA RPAS Technologies Expert Antonio Marchetto is involved

Christophe Mazel

Fédération professionnelle du drone civil (FPDC), France

    Fédération professionnelle du drone civil (FPDC), France On behalf of ASD-STAN D1 Working Group 4 on UAS, European Union Session 8 – 40 16.45-17.00 Product Safety (C€ marking) in the Open RPAS operational category Bio Data Christophe Mazel is currently consultant-expert

Uwe Meinberg

BTU - CURPAS, Germany

   CURPAS, Germany Session 8 – 37 16.00-16.15 Fleet management for transportation drones Bio Data Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Meinberg, Head of Chair «Industrial Information Systems» at the Brandenburg University of Technology and managing director of a consulting company, is active more than

Stéphane Morelli

Fédération professionnelle du drone civil (FPDC), France

   Fédération professionnelle du drone civil (FPDC), France Session 6 – 27 11.15-11.30 Product safety standard in the Open operational RPAS category are urgently required Bio Data Stéphane Morelli graduated from Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques

Yves Morier

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), European Union On behalf of JARUS, International

    European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), European Union On behalf of JARUS, International Session 3 – 14 14.30-14.45 Update on JARUS Bio Data Yves Morier was born 1956, is married, and has two daughters. Graduated from the French Civil Avaition Academy (ENAC:

Niklas Nyroth

Robot Aviation, Norway

   Robot Aviation, Norway Session 7 – 34 14.15-14.30 Skyrobots supporting man on the ground Bio Data Niklas is a highly experienced subject matter expert of RPAS. He has been active for over twenty years with management, development, integration, testing, fielding and

Peter Paree

Zuidelijke Land en Tuinbouw Organisatie, The Netherlands

   Zuidelijke Land en Tuinbouw Organisatie, The Netherlands Session 6 – 28 11.30-11.45 Dronedata for famers Bio Data Peter Paree (1956, Msc Wageningen University) is senior programme leader/project developer in agriculture, rural development and crossovers agri-hitech. He has worked for 31 years

Muriel Preux


   DGAC/DSAC, France Session 5 – 24 09.30-09.45 UAS: French situation & perspectives Bio Data Mrs Preux is graduated from École Normale Supérieure in 1989 (and PhD in molecular and cellular pharmacology), and from the French National School of Civil Aviation in

José Maria Ramirez Ciriza


   Agencia Estatal De Seguridad Aerea (AESA), Spain Session 1 – 03 09.30-09.45 The initial results of the Spanish RPAS Commision, the Center of Excellence for RPAS, and start of international relationships Bio Data José Maria (Chema) Ramirez Ciriza obtained a MSc

Ulrich Reinfried

Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany

  Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany Session 1 – 04 09.45-10.00 A National UAS Council – Towards a strong UAS Community Bio Data Ulrich Reinfried studied intercultural business studies, international relations and European studies and started his professional career

Sean Reitz

UnitedDrone Holdings, South Africa

   UnitedDrone Holdings, South Africa Session 6 – 29 11.45-12.00 Commercial Drone Operations South Africa Bio Data Sean Reitz grew up in Johannesburg and now resides in Cape Town. he matriculated at Roosevelt High School in 1987 and fulfilled his National Service

Cathy Ronfle-Nadaud


    DGAC/DSNA, France Session 4 – 20 17.00-17.15 Views on U-Space & the integration of drones into the French air traffic management system Bio Data Catherine Ronflé-Nadaud is Drone Program Manager at the “Direction de la Technique et de l’Innovation” (DTI)

Andrew (Andy) Sage

NATS, United Kingdom

   NATS, United Kingdom Session 3 – 15 14.45-15.00 Drones in the UK – Balancing the safety and business needs of existing & new airspace users Bio Data Andrew is Associate Director at NATS with responsibility for all of NATS global commercial

Morten Svihus

FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems, Norway

   FLIR Unmanned Aerial Systems, Norway Session 7 – 35  14.30-14.45 The use of Black Hornet (nano drone) in non-military operations Bio Data Morten Svihus is a former police officer with personal experience with the use of nano drones in the police

Filippo Tomasello

EuroUSC-Italia, Italy

   EuroUSC-Italia, Italy Session 7 – 31 13.30-13.45 JARUS SORA Methodology: Applied to the REAL Project  Bio Data Filippo Tomasello was flight test engineer in Italian Air Force until 1984. Subsequently, he was responsible in ENAV (Italian civil Air Traffic Control) for

Olaf Trieschmann

European Maritime Safety Agency, European Union

  European Maritime Safety Agency, European Union Session 6 – 26 11.00-11.15 First RPAS services for maritime surveillance by EMSA Bio Data Olaf Trieschmann is presently with the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), where he as senior officer holds a key role

Peter van Blijenburgh

Blyenburgh & Co, France

     (Member of the DroneRules.EU & SkyOpener Consortia) UVS International, The Netherlands Peter van Blijenburgh, a Dutch national, was born in The Netherlands (1948) and resides in Paris, France (since 1976). He is the CEO of Blyenburgh & Co, a French strategic

Rob van Nieuwland


    DARPAS, The Netherlands On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands Bio Data Graduated as Technical Physics engineer in 1985 at the Technical University of Delft; End study topic: particle movement in turbulent airflow. Worked at TNO Defence and Security for 23 years

Filip Verhaege

(Un)Manned, Belgium

   (Un)Manned, Belgium Session 7 – 33 14.00 – 14.15 Developing Unmanned Air Systems from Certification Point of View Bio Data Filip Verhaeghe has Master’s from University of Leuven of Belgium. After consulting for major aerospace players such as Airbus Defence and

Flavien Viguier

Altametris, France

   Altametris, France Session 5 – 25  09.45-10.00 Ground risk evaluation of a railway monitoring mission performed by RPAS Bio Data Flavien Viguier is the CTO of Altametris, a SNCF Reseau subsidiary, which is specialised in infrastructure inspection and analysis by using

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